Film Production Tools

My name is Rollin Hunt. I'm a production designer and 3d generalist.I use photogrammetry to create scaled 3D models. For my film work, I use 3D models along with virtual cameras to design real film sets designed to the boundary of a real camera's frame.I also model lights, materials, and movements that are based on real-world physics.This sort of planning and previsualization has been a crucial tool for me in fast-paced, tightly budgeted, ambitious film productions.I’ve found that since filmmaking is all about collaboration, I'm also constantly developing tools for directors, cinematographers, ADs, locations, art + set dec, vfx, and gaffers which means generating a variety of documents from full interactive 3D, to 3D on mobile, to 2D black and white pdfs.While my background is primarily in film, I am inquisitive about all applications of 3D, photogrammetry, and interactive experiences.I’m excited about discovering new ways to implement 3D formats to enhance collaboration, preservation, and a more open and equitable world.